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    Conversing With Stacey Kraft From Home Warranty of America

    Stacey Kraft with Home Warranty of America is with me today
    to answer some questions on all things seller home warranties today.

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    Protection for home sellers is necessary.


    Q. From the point of closing and beyond, how long will that coverage last for the buyer?

    A: The new-buyer plans are for 13 months or you can buy a two- or three-year plan up front if you wish to.

    Q. If an issue were to arise with the home, what would the seller do from there?

    A: The seller will call our 800 number and file a claim. Then, our claims representative will set up a time for a contractor to come to the home and assess the situation. If it’s determined that the repair can be accomplished in a cost-effective manner, we’ll repair it. If the issue is beyond repair, we’ll replace the item.

    Stacey and Home Warranty of America have always serviced our needs in a highly competent way, and have been quick to action in getting our claims addressed. Without a doubt, Home Warranty of America is a wonderful resource for you if you’re selling your home.

    If you have any questions for Stacey, go ahead and give her a call at (248) 330-1076. And if you or someone you know would like help with any real estate needs, please give us a call at 866-OWN-THIS or email us at Team1@KathyToth.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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