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    Q: How Is Our Ann Arbor Real Estate Market?

    Here are the key indicators of our Ann Arbor market.

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    “Be mindful that top professionals have proven clauses to protect you and give you options.”


    4.  Ratio of active-to-pending listings. When the number of pending listings exceeds active listings, you know you’re in a red-hot market.

    5. Sales price vs. list price. If the average sales price matches the average list price, demand is up, and you’ll likely see multiple-offer situations abound. When these two prices match, it means sellers are getting 100% of what they’re asking for. In our market, if a home’s sale extra cash to closing. price surpasses its list price (or appraised value), the lender won’t allow the buyer to pay unless they dip into their own bank account or cryptocurrency and bring that extra cash to closing.

    Every subdivision has subset home valuations, so seek the guidance of a real estate team such as ours to avoid overpricing or overpaying. Also, ask for our unique absorption rates, which are already calculated and analyzed for you. Be mindful that top professionals have proven clauses to protect you and give you options.

    If you have any real estate questions or are thinking of moving locally or globally, we’re happy to help you connect with a top agent anywhere in the world. We’re on standby to assist with your real estate needs safely, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. In the words of 107one’s Martin Bandyke, “Start packing!”   

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