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    Things to Do in Ann Arbor, MI

    Ann Arbor FootballAnn Arbor, MI is the place to be all year around. From summer to the winter, there is plenty to do in this beautiful city. The city experiences the beauty of the seasons changing; therefore there are plenty of activities to do throughout the year. The city offers plenty to do for people both young and old since it also has a large population of college students.

    Summer Playground

    In the summer, visitors and locals can fish in the pristine lakes and enjoy the natural landscaping. Every year, the city hosts the Ann Harbor Summer festival that highlights culture and art in the city. The festival lasts over three weeks and displays performances and shows that range from independent movies to interpretive dance. The city also offers plenty of well-maintained golf courses perfect for any golf enthusiasts needing to get their 18-holes in. The city also offers plenty of parks for individuals to jog or take a stroll and enjoy the beautiful Ann Arbor summer weather.

    The City Life

    Since it is considered a college city, there are plenty of fun restaurants and bars in the city. For the young crowd, the city offers a vibrant lifestyle. There are an multitude of bars and pubs to check out that offer plenty of brews on tap. For families and the older crowd, there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, giving options to cater to anyone’s food craving. The college community brings an assortment of dining options, giving both visitors and residents a vast variety of cuisine options.

    Fall Paradise & Winter Wonderland

    Autumn in Ann Arbor is full of energy and nature’s beautiful scenery. College students are just getting back to school, and there is a bit of excitement for new beginnings in the air. The change of seasons brings cooler air to the city, so a whole new set of autumn activities emerge. Visitors can drink hot apple cider, and watch as the leaves change for the season. Go pumpkin picking and enjoy the city’s fun decorations for Halloween.

    Winter brings cold and the snow. Locals have long packed away their summer shorts and replaced them with snowsuits. Ann Arbor does see quite a bit of snow during the winter season, but with the frost comes the option for cross-country skiing or skating. Bundle up and enjoy the many winter activities available in the city, then end the day by a warm fire enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

    Spring Time

    With the winter passing, brings new life with springtime. Though still a bit chilly, a snowsuit is no longer a necessity in Ann Harbor. Enjoy the blossoming flowers and the plants coming back for the spring. Enjoy the warmer weather by walking around the city and taking in its rich culture. While walking around the city stop in to check out the local boutiques and shops.

    Ann Arbor is the perfect destination for any season. The seasons bring a variety of new activities to do and see while in this beautiful city.

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