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    Ann Arbor Downtown Real Estate

    Ann Arbor Landscape:

    Ann Arbor, Michigan is the paradigm template for a walking community environment. All downtown businesses of Ann Arbor beautifully display their merchandise, artwork, produce, antiques and flowers on the sidewalks and street kiosks. As part of a walking community, Ann Arbor places artistically designed signage throughout the city, directing tourists and residents to fun events, fine dining, pubs, and local services. The area of Washtenaw County is home to Ann Arbor and like the entire state of Michigan, there are beautiful lakes, beaches, natural parks, fruit orchards, historic military monuments and museums, wildlife refuges, state parks, and golf courses.

    Downtown Ann Arbor MI

    Downtown Ann Arbor:

    The downtown area is home to the University of Michigan students, faculty and the University of Michigan Medical Center. The University of Michigan and the Medical Center, are Ann Arbor’s largest employers. There are a myriad of museums, concert halls, a Saturday Farmers Market featuring local products, and art galleries. Nationally known microbreweries are proudly featured in communities that border downtown. These microbreweries include Arbor Brewing, Blue Tractor, Corner Brewery, Grizzly Peak, Jolly Pumpkin and the Original Gravity Brewery. Surrounding the downtown Ann Arbor area are major automobile companies, as well as many other Fortune 500 companies, shopping centers, multi-cultural restaurants. Living quarters in the area consist of luxury condominiums, townhouses, lofts and single family homes.

    Greater Ann Arbor’s Five Neighborhoods:

    The city of Ann Arbor is divided into five regional sections, each containing their own eclectic style neighborhoods. Central Ann Arbor has four neighborhoods which feature older architectural homes with large, perfectly manicured lawns. Other central area neighborhoods house students and older stately mansions. Northwest Ann Arbor has three eclectic neighborhoods that feature wealthy residential communities and family fun activities.

    The northeast section contains four neighborhoods with a lot of open areas, ponds, Ford Motors historic monuments, a section of the old Underground Railroad , and popular retail shopping centers. Southwest Ann Arbor includes four neighborhoods featuring a thriving suburban environment. The southwest area are filled with residential single family homes, which are surrounded by planned parks for the whole family and their furry family members. Southeast Ann Arbor contains five neighborhoods which feature commercial and industrial businesses, lower income housing, quiet streets and the Scarlett-Mitchell Nature Area.

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    Ann Arbor Schools:

    Each Ann Arbor neighborhood contains award winning educational institutions for its children. There are 6 charter schools, 50 elementary schools, 21 high schools, 32 middle schools, 82 private schools, 71 preschools, 44 high-tech public schools and other community based educational facilities.

    Ann Arbor – A Healthy Living Alternative:

    Living and living well, is Ann Arbor’s cultural environment. Just outside the city are neighboring cities, towns, and villages, who share in Ann Arbor’s activities, employment, and character. These towns help to make up Washtenaw County and they are Ypsilanti, Saline, Chelsea, Manchester, and Dexter. Beautiful Ann Arbor is a small town with big city amenities, where close-knit neighborhoods are rich in cultural and a welcoming attitude. Ann Arbor offers families a thriving economic base, quality education, and high tech centers, all within a peaceful rural setting.

    The bustling downtown and picturesque tree-lined streets have contributed to Ann Arbor being frequently named a “best city” for one thing or another. Here’s a comprehensive list!

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