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    About Chelsea

    The city of Chelsea is a thriving, community-oriented environment in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Formerly a village, Chelsea maintains it’s small-town origins whilst embracing all the fantastic elements that comprise a city. Residents and homeowners of Chelsea do not pay property taxes, which is just one of many attractive features of the city. With a roomy population of around 5000, more than half of Chelsea’s households are families. Chelsea is located right on the cusp of the beautiful Pierce Lake which provides great promise for real estate and recreation.

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    The Community of Chelsea

    Although Chelsea has managed to maintain it’s community vibe and small-town comfort, there were definitely reasons why the village became a popular city in 2004. The architecture tells a story of Chelsea’s history and future; stunning colonial-style buildings enhance the town’s charm and honesty, whereas bursts of colors on the otherwise traditional walls show the city’s ever-present creativity and youth. Flowers and greenery also paint the town to perfection.

    As Chelsea mainly consists of families, a lot of the real estate sticks with a traditional family home and also the colonial atmosphere. Houses are surrounded by illustrious trees and gardens, while other features waterfront views. Hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, banks, pubs and more are available in the heart of Chelsea. There are fantastic retirement facilities, theaters, and parks that residents can enjoy on a daily basis. Chelsea, MI truly offers a broad and diverse range of real estate, activities, and people.

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    Chelsea Real Estate

    The convergence of a village with a city is gloriously obvious. Homes here are ideal for young families, grown families, retirees, and young professionals looking for a calming, yet urban, environment. Chelsea truly is a golden triangle where small town meets city meets beach town. The colonial-style architecture is mixed with interesting, sometimes bright, colors. Nothing remains bland and boring in Chelsea. The town is perfectly structured for young children, scattered with parks and playgrounds surrounded by lush green grass and flowers. It’s why residents love calling Chelsea home.

    Attractions Around Chelsea

    Chelsea boasts numerous golf courses and community grounds, only enhancing it’s strong community bond. Chelsea’s school district shows impressive scores spanning throughout, especially in comparison to some surrounding cities. The average class size from elementary to high school does not exceed 23 children. Chelsea is perfect for families looking for concentrated education and a tight-knit community. Endless meadows and fields reach to Chelsea’s borders which really enhances the community feel of relaxation and freedom as a city.

    Chelsea well and truly boasts a trifecta of elements- the thrive and excitement of a city, the cohesive family structure of it’s residents, and the gorgeous architecture and realty of a traditional American town. Find your dream home today!

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