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    Saline Real Estate

    The Story of Saline, Michigan

    Saline, Michigan is a lovely small town with the atmosphere to accompany it. Located just 15 miles east of Ann Arbor, the town has access to all of the college town’s activities, and medical services. The University of Michigan is close enough so that a student can live at home and attend a world-class university.

    Saline is a place where children are cherished and protected. Bloomberg Businessweek named Saline “The Best Place to Raise Kids” in the State of Michigan for 2013. What an honor to bestow on such a small family oriented town. The schools and all of the activities are designed to make Saline a place that nurtures children while providing parents with an opportunity to participate in their children’s’ growth and development.

    Town Entertainment

    The town will gather for almost any event and every holiday, and parades are the mainstay of summer entertainment. The Saline Community Fair includes all the community activities that attract the young and the old. The Saline Farmers Market is a delight with luscious vegetables and beautiful flowers. The Saline Festival, Oktoberfest, Christmas Tree Lighting and the Christmas Parade are just a few of the events that the Town cherishes. The annual Celtic Festival celebrated with the sister city Breon, Whales will last for days with many townspeople participating, including the young people. A music festival is held on many summer nights in parking lots and the streets.

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    Saline Homes for Sale

    There is a wide variety of homes for sale in the town because it was built in various segments and at various times, however, the homes are beautiful with large yards and easy access to town events. Many homes have beautiful landscaping with gorgeous plants that flourish in the Michigan summer weather. The prices cover the range of what we would expect in a small Michigan town.

    Restaurants That Are Unique

    Saline has some delightful restaurants with some being set in an old building that has been rebuilt to keep the ambiance of the past while attracting the diners to enjoy the opportunity of eating in an older establishment.

    Being Close To Ann Arbor Has An Advantage For Saline

    It is easy to get top speakers in their field to come to Saline which is just 15 miles away. The sights and sounds of Ann Arbor are accessible on a weekend or a summer night. It’s impossible to beat the enjoyment and benefits of Ann Arbor while not having to drive a long distance.


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