Ann Arbor Area Moving Checklist

    Moving Checklist

    Send Change of Address Cards to:

    •   Credit Card Companies
    •   Schools and Colleges
    •   Government Agencies
    •   Bank and Investment Services
    •   Subscriptions
    •   Relatives, Friends, and Neighbors
    •   Past and Present Employers
    •   Doctors/ Dentist
    •   Accountant
    •   Lawyer
    •   Insurance Agent
    •   Church
    •   Organizations/Clubs

    Change Over Utilities:  Get refunds for any deposits made and advise where final bills are to be sent:

    •   Water
    •   Electric
    •   Gas
    •   Telephone
    •   Cable TV
    •   Other

    Cancel Deliveries

    •   Water/Milk/Food Products
    •   Newspapers
    •   Diaper Service
    •   Notify Post Office
    •   Other

    Transfer Bank Accounts

    •   Checking
    •   Savings (IRA’s, RRSP’s, other)
    •   Safe Deposit Box

    Notify Insurance Companies

    •   Health
    •   Life
    •   Auto
    •   Home Owners
    •   Check with insurance agent on coverage of life, car and household goods en route to new home.

    Pick up Personal Items

    •   Dry Cleaning/ Shoe Repair
    •   Prescriptions

    Obtain Records

    •   Obtain school records for children
    •   Obtain birth and church records for all family members.
    •   Check to see if your will must be rewritten when moving across provincial or state boundaries.
    •   Obtain any legal records.

    Obtain Medical Records

    •   General
    •   Dentist
    •   Optometrist
    •   Specialists
    •   Veterinarian

    Have Medication Prescriptions Refilled or get prescription numbers.

    For The Moving Trip:

    Have car tuned up for trip
    Leave keys and any necessary legal papers with your real estate agent
    Make a list of your credit card numbers in case of emergency or theft
    Pack Immediate Necessities Bag

    •   Medications for family and pets
    •   Kids favorite play things
    •   Change of clothes for all family members. Include a bathing suit.
    •   Legal papers/medical records

    Drop off paints and cleaning supplies

    •   Dan Moody Solid Waste Coordinator 734-222-3827, 705 N Zeeb

    Return cable modem or mail back for deposit refund

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