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    Nielsen Square Condominiums With Video in Ann Arbor Michigan

    As the housing market recovers, many Americans have re-energized their desire to claim a part of the “American Dream.” Home ownership communicates a sense of prosperity and accomplishment. Choice varies from individual to individual. Nielsen Square is an affluent community located in Ann Arbor. It comprises 62 spacious town homes from 1200 to 2000 square feet. If you’ve been looking for a great place to call home in Ann Arbor, start your search at Nielsen Square.

    The Community

    The community is accented by beautiful, green gardens and immaculately kept lawns. Seating areas include park benches and gazebos that foster a relaxing environment. Vibrant colored flowers enrich the grounds and are only rivaled by perfectly lined trees that display brilliant colors during the fall.

    Prospective residents will enjoy spacious homes that are enhanced by high ceilings and recessed lighting. Open floor plans, large windows, and sliding glass doors provide an even larger feel to each unit. Wood cabinetry is accented by wall to wall hardwood flooring. Lofts overlook living areas and provide perfect space for the home office or artistic studio. Units are equipped with single or multi-car garages sitting below outdoor balconies that are perfect for summer fun. Additionally, this amazing community is within close proximity to many points of interest throughout Ann Arbor.

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    Things To Do in Ann Arbor, MI

    Nielsen Square is conveniently located to the University of Michigan Medical Center and is perfect for those attending medical school. It is also has convenient access to historic Kerrytown. Kerrytown is popular among locals and is a center for the arts, dining, and entertainment. Residents and visitors can enjoy a number of clothing stores, furniture shops and more.

    Kerrytown is also home to a state of the art fitness and wellness center that is complimented by a number of healthy choice deli’s and cafe’s. The farmers market also offers healthy choices and is a favorite among visitors. Fresh produce, organic foods, and other delights can be purchased for a fraction of local market costs. Residents can also enjoy wine tasting at several local, wine shops.

    Nightlife and culture includes clubs, art galleries and the local concert house. Clubs offer the ideal, social setting for couples and small groups that congregate during happy hour. The concert house features a number of artists specializing in a variety of musical styles. [Read More About Things to Do in Ann Arbor]

    Schools near Nielsen Square

    The Ann Arbor School District is home to 32 schools. Many of the schools maintain standardized testing averages of 90% to 100% on reading and math skills. Schools also consistently measure in the 85% to 95% percentile in state comparisons. Students are encouraged to succeed through a number of programs that maximize learning and enhance creativity. Parents can become involved in various volunteer programs, events and board meetings that seek to remain relevant in an ever changing culture of learning. [Learn More About Ann Arbor’s Schools]

    Nielsen Square Real Estate

    Homes within Nielsen Square offer more value than its reasonable price. Nielsen Square is convenient to many locations within the city. Overall, median sale prices have remained stable throughout much of Ann Arbor. As home values start to rise, Neilsen’s location and luxurious amenities will continue to make it one of Ann Arbors most desired communities.


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