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    Relocating to Ann Arbor, MI

    Moving Tips:

    After your properly labeled boxes have been removed from the moving van and placed in their designated rooms, you can begin to unpack after you have settled yourself or your family into their Ann Arbor home. Of course, you would have contacted the Michigan Electric and Gas Company to have the electricity turned on and other utilities. You should also go ahead and pack a couple small suitcases for you or your family.

    Your suitcases should contain toiletries and clothing which will keep you from trying to locate these essentials in an emergency. Other boxes which should be set aside for immediate use, would be those containing pots, pans, dishes, utensils, curtains and bedding. These boxes should be labeled or marked so that they are set aside from the myriad of other boxes and furnishings. It is less stressful if new homeowners would unpack their boxes, one room at a time. You’ll have plenty of time to arrange your home and to decorate it, take time and focus one thing at a time. If you are considering a move to Ann Arbor check out our relocation guide.

    Ann Arbor Real Estate

    Downtown Ann Arbor:

    The downtown neighborhood of Ann Arbor is centered around the University of Michigan campus lifestyle. South University street is a popular student gathering area with nearby State, Liberty and Main Streets. Downtown is a community filled with art galleries, theatres, museums and many artistic endeavors. There are lots of walking pathways, chic shops, bookstores, outdoor dining experiences and a vibrant nightlife. Kerrytown is Ann Arbor’s historic district with older homes that have been remodeled and filled with modern conveniences.

    The Ann Arbor Landscape:

    Botanical gardens and immaculate parks fill the Ann Arbor neighborhoods. The parks are designed for walking with pedestrian bridges over ponds or special water structures, picnic areas or open fields for playing softball, tennis, soccer or volleyball. Many water filled parks are large enough for a beautiful canoe ride or paddle boat rides. Each park contains an indoor community center where people can enjoy year round activities, such as:

    • ice skating
    • roller skating and
    • swimming

    Shopping Venues:

    Individuals and families can go shopping at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market which features local produce, plants, jars of jelly and jams, as well as unique arts and crafts from local Michigan artisans. Visit the Kerrytown Market for fine dining, boutique styled shops and a great fresh seafood market. The indoor glass designed atrium of the Nickels Arcade, is a fun shopping experience, as well as the Briarwood Mall, which contains unique restaurants and nationally known retail stores.

    Eat, Drink and Be Merry:

    Ann Arbor is filled with restaurants of all ethnic and cultural fares and which vary in price ranges. To accompany fun dining, you also have a pub or a nightclub and like the eating establishment, they are located on every corner. In addition to these unique dining choices, there are plenty of barista staffed coffee houses who serve delectable chocolates, varied tea flavors, salads, pastries and sandwiches.

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    Ann Arbor Communities:

    This city is a small metropolitan giant with giant trees on every street. Yet, it has been touted as one of the best places to live in the nation. Ann Arbor has an excellent educational system for school age children from K-12 and naturally from its five colleges and universities. For potential homeowners, many real estate properties are within a 10 minute drive from downtown. These communities include Ypsilanti, Chelsea, Saline and Dexter, all of which share the same artistic environment and hi-tech businesses as Ann Arbor.

    These communities are tranquil neighborhoods with distinctive lifestyles and a Midwestern welcoming cultural. Ypsilanti contains a bohemian cultural with diversity in its housing. There are historic homes and lofts featuring unique architectural structuring. Chelsea is a growing and thriving community featuring art, Victorian homes, specialty shops and many entrepreneurial businesses. Saline is unique in that it hosts an annual Celtic Festival to honor its European sister countries of Germany, the U.K., and Wales. While on the other hand Saline hosts the world popular bluegrass/fiddle touring groups who call themselves the Saline Fiddlers. Dexter has many detached single family homes, but whose designation identifies it as a village, but whose residents have a charter to change it to a city.

    Best Little City:

    Ann Arbor has received numerous awards of RECOGNITION, some of which include the best digital city, the best in economical and entrepreneurial growth, tree city USA, an environmental leader, the best small college city and the best in vacation designations. For all the FACTS click here. It is a charming city which is a perfect place to raise a family, to live, to work and to play.

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